Our Offerings

Preparing Clients for the Intelligent Future

Polywise offers clients services to analyze their capabilities, make both strategic and tactical recommendations, as well as provide guidance, oversight, and, where appropriate, resources to implement these recommendations on the client’s behalf.

Target Outcomes

  • Cost Reduction
  • Productivity Growth
  • Revenue Growth
  • New Revenue Streams

Strategic Evaluation

Collaborating with the client’s senior leaders to gauge and calibrate their corporate direction by gauging the AI-enabled market.

Readiness Assessment

Performing a deep capability analysis to identify the key gaps relative to their revised strategy and build an action plan to remediate.

Data Digitization

Ingesting disperate data sources across the enterprise into the cloud to enable first level business intelligence.

Intelligent Modeling

Developing bespoke AI/ML tools and services based on the client’s cloud-based data to further fill the capabilities gap.

Data Management

Hosting and servicing the client’s cloud-enabled data as an ongoing managed service.

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